Our Small-Batch Process


We produce barely 1000 gallons of hard cider each season, from apples grown on just over 150 heirloom trees.  We sort & wash the apples by hand, and rely on an antique press with limited capacity to extract the juice, so our ciders are made in individual batches - pressed as the apples reach peak ripeness.


Wild yeasts

established in our orchard and cider mill house, are encouraged to naturally ferment the juice slowly throughout the cold winter, producing a cider with unmistakable aromas.


Small batches from old trees


We then age the cider in a temperature controlled barn throughout spring and summer for flavor development and natural carbonation. This slow, cool aging ensures a brilliantly clear cider without the need for filtration.


In the Fall, nearly a full year later, we finally blend the finished ciders for complexity and balance. The results are similar to a dry sparkling wine, with close to zero residual sugar and are completely gluten free.